We are super excited to introduce you to “Kids For Cats”. Our very own ECP Little River and October created Kids For Cats. This uncle and niece team are more than just blood, they are best friends, pals, aspiring future veterinarians, and big soft hearted cat lovers. Our dynamic duo enjoys spending time with our precious Persian cats and kittens here at Emerald Coast Persians. They wanted to spoil their Persian Cats and kitten friends with original toys and creative perches. For the past year, River and October have tested toys and furniture alike. Those that get two paws up have been duplicated for the pleasure and enjoyment of our Persian cats. On one of their recent adventures of feeding stray kittens, the conversation in the back seat of our family’s vehicle turned to “what else can we do to help them, uncle River?”. After a short pause, River said: “Let’s sell some of the toys we make so we can help stray cats more, we will have more to spend than just our allowance”. The rest of the ride home was a flutter of conversation between two young people trying to make a better place in this world for cats. In the next few days, River and October approached the adults in the family with their plan. They were determined to make even more items and sell them in order have the means to help even more cats in need. They developed their name “Kids For Cats” and asked for guidance moving forward. That’s when we knew Emerald Coast Persians was a great place to start. We are lucky enough to have an amazing base of family and friends to help spread the word. We believe that through our ECP Family we will be able to increase the reach of Kids For Cats and assist these two little philanthropists in their journey to help. Proceeds from their shop will go directly to outreach, volunteering, and to provide essential items (food, shelter, treatment) for cats in need. We are beyond proud of these two for their passion and innovation to start this journey. Whether it be your time, a donation, or a simple ‘share’ on social media we want to thank you for helping us make their dream a reality!

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