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Persian Kittens for Sale   

“As an Emerald Coast Persian, I promise to always be adorable.  I know you think I am cute when you look at my picture. You don’t know this yet, but I can really rock the bed head look.

  Yep…that’s right when I saunter up to you in the morning and I see that smile creep across your face, I know just how much you love me.

  We will read great books together, you’ll read and I’ll turn the pages for you. We’ll hang out on the couch together, you’ll pet and I’ll purr. I love you so much that when it is time for us to go night-night I’ll share my pillow with you.

  I will be your loyal feline baby and you will be my forever love.” 

Emerald Coast Persians is a cage less cattery located on the beautiful Emerald Coast of Florida

Our persian babies are high quality, loving and well social kits. We breed for loving nature as well as beauty. Our kittens are members of our family and soon may become one of yours! We are always happy to hear from potential and current clients.


Shipping is available throughout the United States


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1 day ago

I was just wondering..have you seen my momma? - Bambi❤

1 day ago

Who stayed up past their bedtime, just to hide all the mice? Ivory of course!

2 days ago

Sunday Chill day💚

3 days ago
Photos from Emerald Coast Persians's post

Happy Saturday ECP Family❤ My momma came and got me😻 Louisiana here I come!

3 days ago

We love floofs too!

6 days ago
Photos from Emerald Coast Persians's post

I made it home and my Hooman is soo happy!-

1 week ago
Photos from Emerald Coast Persians's post

It's my Hooman's 15th birthday and I am on my way to be his birthday present.
Help me wish my Hooman the best birthday ever!!!- Mowgli

1 week ago

Our ECP family Angelique caught her hubby napping with their boy Loki, how adorable are these two?

1 week ago

I love you..

1 week ago

We all have that one sibling...

Emerald Coast Persians

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