We are happy to announce a fun new contest “Great Cat Adventures”

We will be giving away a cat backpack similar to the one shown above! Our way of promoting more time with your fur friend. Imagine taking a stroll around the park and letting Mr.Whiskers enjoy the sights and smells of the great outdoors. Cat’s love being stimulated thru sight almost as much as they love pouncing on things. Our girl Pumpkin Patch is a big fan of her Cat backpack and comes running whenever she sees it. We will be accepting entries thru September 2019 and have a random drawing on October 1st, 2019. The winner will be announced via email. By subscribing you will be automatically entered into all future Emerald Coast Persians Contests and be kept up to date on our events. No purchase necessary for entry. Follow this link to enter our drawing www.emeraldcoastpersians.com/contest

May the fur be with you, I wish you the very best of luck!