Leaving the family home is a huge step for young people. No matter how much we have prepared our children for life outside our homes, the actual move out process is daunting. As young adults, we are surrounded by family and have spent the last eighteen plus years learning our place in it. Moving out certainly does not sever anyone’s family ties but it sure does upset our daily routines. Over the years we are pleased that our Persian kittens have played important roles in the lives of young adults leaving their homes for the very first time. When your ready to send them off to college add a Persian kitten to the list of “Must Haves”.

Our studious Persian Cats have attended the learning institutions of  Eckerd College, University of Northern Colorado and MIT just to name a few. While your student is learning all about college life their Persian Kitten is their constant companion and being away home becomes a little less unnerving when you have a warm, soft loving friend waiting in your dorm. Over the years our college friends have shared with us that studying for their final exams was made less stressful by the puddle of purring adoration that laid in their laps as they burned the midnight oil. Persian kittens and cats are also a great way to meet new friends, they are wonderful icebreakers, you simply can not look at a sweet Persians face and luscious coat and avoid wanting to touch them. The willpower that requires is over the top.

Lot’s of parents surprise their children with the gift of a Persian which is great however we recommend allowing your student to be apart of the selection process. Not only is it exciting to have a say in the kitten being chosen but shows your student that they are making an important choice. We recommend purchasing your Persian Kitten a month or two before your student home. This gives your student and their Persian kitten the opportunity to bond closely before moving day. Their Persian Kitten will be patiently awaiting their return from class and your student will never be alone, they will have their precious furbaby to love them and keep them company.

Leaving for college is an exciting, emotional time, but they don’t have to go it alone… Books check dorm accessories check, food dish for their Persian Kitten check!


Have a catnip kind of day!

Love, Kerstin