We all enjoy relaxing on the couch with our favorite scent in the air. The perfect fresh smells for house guests, covering up those cooking odors, or even just for the scent of it!  However, have you ever wondered what effect they could have on your cat(s)? We know how much you love your fur babies and how busy all our ECP families are so we did a little investigating for you!

Fire safety is always a top concern with cats and candles. Cat’s have a natural curiosity and playfulness, especially your beautiful ECP furbabies, this that makes that tiny flickering flame into a new play toy or even a foe. Cat’s are incredibly crafty and agile creatures. This makes their ability to leap onto tables, shelves, or any given surface so much easier for them. This can largely increase the fire hazards to not only your house but to your cat as well. One swipe of the paw could send that candle to the ground or even badly burn your cat! If you can’t say goodbye to the candle though, try making it safer in the ways you can. Start by placing it where your cat can’t gain access to it, whether this is a shelf that it can’t gain access to or by using a glass cylindrical cover to limit access to the actual candle. Always remember, NEVER leave a lit candle unattended with animals or small children! One of our ECP families shared with us that their beautiful Persian Vernon ruined his parents romantic evening by singeing his hair on the couples candle, thankfully he was uninjured, and the couple now uses tea lights.

In addition to the fire hazards, some scented candles can also harm your cat with their fumes or smoke! While we all love those scents, most commercial candles are made with Paraffin. Paraffin is what’s left after refining crude oils! These types of candles lead to much more soot and chemicals being released, which can lead or irritate asthma in cats or other serious health concerns.

On a larger scale, there are additional scents that can lead to problems for your cat and should always be investigated before adding it to your home. It doesn’t stop there either! Common things we all have brought home in the past can cause some serious problems for our feline friends. Things from essential oils, potpourri, plug-in air fresheners, and even incense can cause health problems with your cat’s. Of course, there are many other options to give you that scent you crave but with your cat’s wellbeing in mind. There are a ton of resources to help make sure you’re doing what you can to keep your cat safe and happy! We have collected the following list of articles that we found helpful and believe that you may as well!

             Happy Cat, Happy Heart- Love, Kerstin


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